Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Ruptured Achilles Tendon-

We will always remember the time it happened…. When Wes ruptured his Achilles Tendon. On July 3, 2011 we were at a friends house swimming and celebrating the 4th of July holiday weekend. Everything was GREAT until Wes decided that he was going to do a DOUBLE BACK flip off the diving board. As I saw him turn around on the diving board to jump backwards I had this feeling “I don’t like this.”

How it happen: Wes jumped up and when he came down on the board his left foot slipped as the board was still bouncing, pushing his left toes toward his shin causing his Achilles to tear.

When it happen: I saw it all. He came up from the water and swam toward the shallow end. I asked, “you okay?” he said, “no I think I stretched something”
After an hour, I kept checking on him knowing he was in some pain. He said that he couldn’t put that much weight on it?!! We were in a swimming pool. AHHH so I started getting our stuff together to leave. About another hour past and I saw him get our of the pool and “hobble” over to the pool house. Thats when I knew it was time to GO!!

I took our stuff to the Truck got it started and cooled down. All his friends were inside making there plates while Wes and I slipped out unnoticed. As we drove off he shares with me, “I think I tore my Achilles tendon” Me being 35 weeks pregnant at the time was not wanting to believe such a thing. I told Wes that it was impossible he wouldn’t be able to walk and would be CRYING because of the Pain.

On the short drive home I called our Orthopedic surgeon Friend on his cell phone leaving a message and sent him a text asking to call me about Wes. When I pulled up to our house I helped Wes to the front door and he crawled to the couch. I was in disbelief. We got Wes situated with his leg elevated waiting on Dr. Matook’s call. He was out of town and not able to talk.  I was putting Ice on Wes’s ankle when he said no HIGHER!! Closer to my calf!! My thoughts “OH NO!!”

I talked Wes into going to the Urgent Care. That is when the doctor said the horrible words, “I think You tore Your Achilles Tendon!” Me- What the Bleep?!
?! Umm I’m pregnant. Wes was calm and said “that’s what I thought”

We then were told to head over to McBride ER on Broadway to make sure Wes didn’t need Emergency surgery!! As we headed over there I was very quite…. I was in shock and trying to process things. Isn’t it interesting that we know our spouses so well… Wes knew that I was stressing and kept saying sorry for the timing.

Mcbride was not a pleasant experience. They made me get a wheelchair for Wes and push him all around. While telling me that the Urgent Care doctors didn’t know what they were talking about. We left there knowing Wes tore his Achilles tendon, in a walking boot and crutches. Telling us to call a shoulder specialist on Tuesday, I'd rather NOT!!!

Dr Matook called us on July 4 asking to bring Wes in Tuesday at . After Dr. Matook did a quick examination of Wes he scheduled surgery for that Friday!!

Pictures: Before Surgery

 Day of Surgery:

Day after Surgery

Yes this is Wes at Lowe's Running into things thinking it's HILARIOUS.
YES!! he will be a father to a SON very VERY soon!
The things I get to look forward to.. Another Wesley Ritter and forshadowing of Wes and I when we get old.
 Wes is now in a "walking" cast for another 3 weeks.

Oh the adventures we Have!!!

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