Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Ruptured Achilles Tendon-

We will always remember the time it happened…. When Wes ruptured his Achilles Tendon. On July 3, 2011 we were at a friends house swimming and celebrating the 4th of July holiday weekend. Everything was GREAT until Wes decided that he was going to do a DOUBLE BACK flip off the diving board. As I saw him turn around on the diving board to jump backwards I had this feeling “I don’t like this.”

How it happen: Wes jumped up and when he came down on the board his left foot slipped as the board was still bouncing, pushing his left toes toward his shin causing his Achilles to tear.

When it happen: I saw it all. He came up from the water and swam toward the shallow end. I asked, “you okay?” he said, “no I think I stretched something”
After an hour, I kept checking on him knowing he was in some pain. He said that he couldn’t put that much weight on it?!! We were in a swimming pool. AHHH so I started getting our stuff together to leave. About another hour past and I saw him get our of the pool and “hobble” over to the pool house. Thats when I knew it was time to GO!!

I took our stuff to the Truck got it started and cooled down. All his friends were inside making there plates while Wes and I slipped out unnoticed. As we drove off he shares with me, “I think I tore my Achilles tendon” Me being 35 weeks pregnant at the time was not wanting to believe such a thing. I told Wes that it was impossible he wouldn’t be able to walk and would be CRYING because of the Pain.

On the short drive home I called our Orthopedic surgeon Friend on his cell phone leaving a message and sent him a text asking to call me about Wes. When I pulled up to our house I helped Wes to the front door and he crawled to the couch. I was in disbelief. We got Wes situated with his leg elevated waiting on Dr. Matook’s call. He was out of town and not able to talk.  I was putting Ice on Wes’s ankle when he said no HIGHER!! Closer to my calf!! My thoughts “OH NO!!”

I talked Wes into going to the Urgent Care. That is when the doctor said the horrible words, “I think You tore Your Achilles Tendon!” Me- What the Bleep?!
?! Umm I’m pregnant. Wes was calm and said “that’s what I thought”

We then were told to head over to McBride ER on Broadway to make sure Wes didn’t need Emergency surgery!! As we headed over there I was very quite…. I was in shock and trying to process things. Isn’t it interesting that we know our spouses so well… Wes knew that I was stressing and kept saying sorry for the timing.

Mcbride was not a pleasant experience. They made me get a wheelchair for Wes and push him all around. While telling me that the Urgent Care doctors didn’t know what they were talking about. We left there knowing Wes tore his Achilles tendon, in a walking boot and crutches. Telling us to call a shoulder specialist on Tuesday, I'd rather NOT!!!

Dr Matook called us on July 4 asking to bring Wes in Tuesday at . After Dr. Matook did a quick examination of Wes he scheduled surgery for that Friday!!

Pictures: Before Surgery

 Day of Surgery:

Day after Surgery

Yes this is Wes at Lowe's Running into things thinking it's HILARIOUS.
YES!! he will be a father to a SON very VERY soon!
The things I get to look forward to.. Another Wesley Ritter and forshadowing of Wes and I when we get old.
 Wes is now in a "walking" cast for another 3 weeks.

Oh the adventures we Have!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pregnant during the Oklahoma Summer (written in a humorous manner)

HELL!! is the only word that I can think of that fits what I feel each day when I walk outside my cool 70* home. I would have it cooler if I didn't have a HUSBAND (hehehe the dogs and I like him so... we will sacrifice) By the time I get done waddling around the house getting ready for work I am already HOT. Then I head to my car and get blasted with HEAT. Ok, Ok it's not that bad in the mornings, BUT it is HOT!!

I work in out-side sales, which means I have different work conditions. I could be worse off I know. I really do feel for all the people that work outside especially the ones that are doing manual labor. If you think about it.... I'm doing manual labor 24/7 so I know EXACTLY how they feel. :)

I have been trying to start my day on making calls early so then I can beat the horrible 2pm and on HEAT. I have managed to do this part of the time. I enjoy my work so I get caught up in it and forget about getting home early until I am sweating and whining. The hard thing about my work conditions is that my car never has a chance to “COOL” down. By the time I get to an account my car hasn't reached the ideal temperature, “cool” yet. Then within minutes of getting out, the inside of my car has already reached 175* (I swear). So this constant in and out wears on you quick, with or without a Bun in the Oven.

My doctor knows about my work situation and lectures me about making sure I am drinking more water than recommended. Which I do, I have noticed the days that I get busy and don't drink that much, it really does make a difference.

I have made it a point to get to a pool at least 2 to 3 times a week. Man does this help me cool down. I have been going to the public pool which I think is not only cooling me down, but gearing me up for having kids. (enough said)

I pray everyday that either there will be a CRAZY COLD FRONT come in or that all the meteorologist on the TV DIE!! I think that is some the hormones coming out... BUT seriously meteorologist watch what you say and how you say it!! I have thought on many different occasions about picking up our big screen television and throwing it out the door, and at that moment I truly believe I could physically pick it up and throw it, like the incredible HULK. Just with out turning green and all.

Mom- to -be: still walking/ working out 6 days a week. All my doctors appointments have been good, nothing serious. I have some swelling when I work to long or don't drink enough water. I have one more 2 week appointment then it's every week.

Dad – to- be: He is great. He has been helping around the house and has become in a way a “Nazi” like when it comes to me “resting” not following Dr. Wes Ritter orders. He has threatened to call Dr. Mills on me. (LOL) He is scooping out the “best” bikes, motorcycles, Big wheels, skater shoes you name it. I think he is excited.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breastfeeding Class with Wes

Breastfeeding. Wow when you just mention this word everyone has there opinion and want you to know about it.

I have always planned to breastfeed. After my good friend showed me how she manged to juggle working full time in a high stress job, maintain her composure and household, while still providing for her little girl for the 1st year, that gave me even MORE motivation.

I really do believe the more you know the better it will be. So I signed up for the Free breastfeeding classes that were offered at Deaconess (delivering hospital). When I signed up I asked if other husbands/men usually came to the class. She told me that they are encouraged to go. In my mind that means VERY FEW MEN ARE IN THE CLASS! I told Wes about the class and said husbands are encouraged to go. He said “I will Be There!”

Tuesday night, the week of class, I reminded Wes about the breastfeeding class on Thursday. He said, “I will be there” (Well I have to tell you that I have become MORE ornery through the years and I blame it on WES!! He has taught me well on how to be VERY ORNERY!) This gave me a opening to be ornery, I then proceeded to tell him that I got a letter for the class last week. In the letter it told me that if your “partner” was joining you they needed to bring a BRA. You should have seen the look on his FACE. I'm not sure how I held back laughter, some how I managed. I went with it, saying I guess they want you to get a better understanding on breastfeeding. Now REMEMBER this is our 1st child, we are NEW to this. Wes is a GREAT husband and trooper. He said, “ok, I will be there”

Thursday, the day of the class I completely forgot about the “BRA” thing. I texted Wes to remind him about the class. Here is our conversation.

Me-Btw I have the breastfeeding class tonight

Wes- I'm gonna have to find a bra

(giggling and thinking wes is playing along)
Me- Oh yeah. Will you measure yourself? I can stop and get you one!!

Wes- I don't know how

Me- Measure with your measuring tape around your ribs near your nipples

Wes- 35” not sure what cup size

Me- Great! I have one!!

Wes- what time

Me- it starts at 6:30 at deaconess

This made my day. I was laughing so hard and still thinking he is playing along. When we got home from work while eating dinner I was joking about the text messages. The look on his Face once again priceless. He thought it was some kind of “pregnancy suit” thing to get a better understanding.
We went to the class all the ladies there had there husbands with them. Wes was the A+ student. He was engaging with open discussion and YELLING out the answers. I was surprised and impressed. We learned a lot and I am so thankful to have a husband that cares enough and supports me.

I know that there is no guarantee when it comes to breastfeeding but I am going to give it a shot.

Also, I am IN FOR IT!!! I have set myself up for a nice little payback from WES! He does make me laugh.

Prenatal Classes next week, this should be interesting.

wes doing baby sit ups

cuddling with the baby, He is a natural

Monday, May 30, 2011

29 weeks- All in good humor

Wow 29 weeks- (7 months for my sisters) this is the last week in my twenties!!! The time is drawing near. We only have 11 more weeks to go. AHHHHHHHHHH this is my freaking out moment. Which I have noticed I am having more of lately. I have moments when I COMPLETELY FREAK OUT.... Asking myself..
what am I doing? Am I completely crazy thinking I can care for a BABY?! Am I going to be able to hold him correctly? Crap we don't have a name yet? The baby's room isn't organized? Our master bath and closet isn't done yet!? How do I work this car seat thing??!!! What if i forget about him? Am I ever going to be able to sleep again like people say I am NOT? Am I going to have all the STUFF I need from that HUGE Babies R US store? I need to lock myself in a room and just study and read all the books that people keep recommending? Am I working out enough? Gaining to much weight? Not enough weight?

Then just like that in a split second I have the "day dream" moments where I get so excited to see him and hold him. Yep not thinking about the thought I JUST had about me not being able to hold him. I get so excited that all the little stupid worries I have disappear. I can't wait to meet him and teach him so many exciting things. He is going to come no matter what and I know that I will just make it work.

I think I have started the early stages of "nesting" just because I want everything done and in it's place. This means Wes has a lot of HONEY DO's. Which he isn't to thrilled or johnny on the spot of getting my demanding before Lil Ritter comes list done. He is the "laid back" one in the marriage. The damn house could be on fire and he would be calm and cool.  I remember when I used to be.... But that is how we work so well together.

Other than all the emotional moments I have had this week everything has been great.

Mom to be: Gaining weight like I should (hard for me to understand) feeling good. Still rocking the heels at work, but changing into flip flops. I have noticed that my energy level is dropping by the end of the day. I am still able to sleep through the night, if it is cool enough in the bedroom and my mind is at peace. I'm getting excited and nervous all wrapped into one.

Dad to be: He is still working on the house. Trying to get that Honey Do list done before the lil guy arrives. He has been very encouraging and supportive about me and my struggles. Remember the "laid back" part. He hasn't gotten over the fact that the house is going to be "freezing" to him until my oven is done cooking. He has taken time to rub my feet after a long day. He is a good guy I think I will keep him!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

How I enjoy the Harley while 28 weeks pregnant

Wes and I love taking the Harley out. It might be for a long trip to Sturgis, a little trip to Arkansas or bar hopping around town. This is something that we really enjoy doing together. 

Since I have been pregnant it has been difficult for me to listen to all the loud Harley's pass by and not yell to Wes, "Let's Go for a RIDE!!" Wes has been very sweet and said he just doesn't like to ride without me!! (hahaha who is he kidding, BUT smart man to say that to me)

I try to get him out on the bike knowing it's that time of the year and he misses riding his Harley.
So this past Sunday I told him to go for a ride... I said lets go get some lunch and then you go from there.

This is how I Ride the Harley while being pregnant

wes on his bike...

Sorry Ladies...he is taken ;)

hahaha yep I'm riding either behind or next to him with the windows down!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Echo Canyon Resort has been Wes and I's favorite little getaway to sneak off to. This place is AMAZING, WONDERFUL, PEACEFUL, RELAXING, ROMANTIC, REFRESHING etc. We have been going to Echo Canyon since 2004. Wes found the little bed and breakfast and booked it for a surprise birthday night for me. We have been going 2 to 3 times a year ever since.

 We usually only stay one night, but we made it into a little two night getaway.

This is our view from our balcony. The B&B is located in the Chickasaw State Park area in Sulphur, OK.
I told you it was Beautiful, Peaceful, Relaxing, Romantic etc.
Joe and Carol are the End Keepers and make you feel so special each and every time.

Sorry about the photo. I forgot my camera so I am using my phone...

This is our room. The Marilyn Monroe suite. We have stayed in every room once and a few twice. We like to stay in the “Mansion” part. It's like your own little apartment with out the kitchen. The Beds are so comfortable you will sleep so good. (I miss the place already)

  The Aloha Spa!!!
 In the past I was not able to experience the Spa BUT this time I made sure of it!!
I was not disappointed. I had the “taste of spa” package and added an extra 30 minutes on to the massage.... Well worth it. Oh my Goodness it was a wonderful treat, so relaxing and refreshing. I haven't had a body buff/ scrub before but now that is my new favorite thing.
This is the Lounge Bar area. They have a full service bar with entertaiment.

This is Us after our Dinner at the Baron of Beef- It is the resturant at the bed and breakfast. Joe and Carol are world wide experience culinary chefs that make an AMAZING dinner and breakfast. 

The restaurant over looks the echo canyon. While Wes and I were enjoying the wonderful feast we were able to watch the thunder storm come through and noticed a beautiful Rainbow. It was a nice little touch to the evening.
Dinner is 3 course meal. Starts with a delicious salad with homemade salad dressing. Toast with homemade pesto. Main course is Prime cut filet steak, with twice baked potato, sauteed vegetables, grilled shrimp and a little duck
Dessert- It's different every time but I am NEVER disappointed. This time was a wonderful strawberry short cake.
And for the DRINK- I know that sounds weird but they have a Homemade Hibiscus juice with champagne. I didn't get the champagne this time but the juice was good enough.

I recommend having dinner with the Van Horn's at Baron of Beef.

Since we were staying two days We were able to enjoy some alone time and explore the Chickasaw State Park. This is what we did on Friday afternoon.

Wes in front of a sulpher stream... Yep it smelled funny.

I make wes pose for pictures.. As you can tell he has "FUN" with it now.

This is a bridge at Flower Park. In the 1930s these pools were created to use the sulpher water to help with health and beauty. People would come to and rub the sulpher black mudd on there skin to help get rid of there ills. INTERESTING.

This is one of the beautiful spots we found.

we were hiking through some trails.

This is called little niagara. You can go swimming in the springs. The kids were having a Great time here.

The park was a beautiful peaceful place to visit. We really enjoyed our time and little babymoon getaway to Echo Canyon Resort.

Check it out..  You will love it!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

7 days of HELL

On Tuesday April 26th I came home from work not feeling well. That's when it ALL started!!
I told Wes that I felt like a needed to throw up.... And I didn't stop for the next 7 days. I couldn't even keep water down. It was horrible!

 I called the doctor on Tuesday night he called in anti nausea medicine which did NOTHING! I went a couple of days thinking it was something I ate. Then Thursday night happened. It was HELL. I was still having trouble keeping anything down; at midnight I was at my wits end. I was getting dehydrated and dizzy. I called the doctor again, poor on call doctor. He told me that it was time to go to the hospital to get some fluids and monitor the baby. My mom took me to Deaconess Hospital at 1am and they were waiting for me. Wes was still working nights so he left work and was there in no time. The Nurses were so friendly and sweet. I thought I was just going to be there for maybe an hour or two. When they told me that I was staying over night I started crying. But they told me that it would be Fun I could watch the Royal wedding with them.

After the IV's and a BIG fantastic shot of phenergan, I started feeling better. The baby was GREAT! He didn't show any signs of my dehydration affecting him. I was able to sleep for a few hours and watch the Royal wedding.

Around 8am I was starving and wanted to eat. (Which is all I have wanted to do for the last 4 days?)  I had to wait for the ultrasound on my gallbladder. After 2 hours and the ultrasound they brought me the BEST breakfast ever!!!

At 10:30 they told me that I could go home and make sure to eat Bland food! YUCK. They told me that everything seemed fine it must be some bad stomach bug or pregnancy. I was schedule for a doctor’s appointment for that following Monday.

The whole weekend was the same, me spending quality time with the toilet. Monday came and the doctor said that my gallbladder was good and she was going to do more blood test. I had lost 3lbs during that week. It came back as a BAD STOMACH VIRUS! 

Finally Tuesday/ Wednesday I was back to normal! Hooray